Here are the most popular celebrities who played poker in 2019 year

played poker in 2019 year

See the celebrities who played poker in lapak303. Find out which popular people from sports, music, literature and glamorous scene were the most active one in gambling, casino and poker games for the passing 2019th year.

While watching the latest bookmakers, betting platforms, casino websites, poker providers and all online gambling alternatives like lapak303 we have come upon a curious statistics that might be interesting for you, too. It turned out that the global gambling market has been quite attractive for the last 12 months. And playing online poker hasn’t been a hobby or a way for regular income practiced only by ordinary people from all around the world and from any age, sex and job occupation. As a matter of fact, poker via the internet has been a way to kill time and have fun for the celebrities, too.

Moreover, we have even discovered the top popular celebrities who played poker in 2019 year. Below, we will list them all and tell you more about their gambling practice:

  • Ben Affleck. The beautiful actor is not just an Oscar-winning man so many ladies want to merry, but a good poker player, too. He shares that he has discovered the passion for the game during his Batman movie shooting and since then, Ben spends lots of time in gambling.
  • Shannon Elizabeth. Also known as the American Pie celebrity, Shannon doesn’t just love playing poker, but she’s also a poker winner from two big tournaments which took place in popular physical casinos. Meanwhile, though, she has recently discovered the beauty of online gambling.
  • Jennifer Tilly. The sympathetic and talented actress claims to be a good poker player. To be more specific, she says that the two things she does in the best way is playing in movies and playing poker in the internet. She says she has spent about 7 days in total in her favorite casino room. Couldn’t it be lapak303? Who knows?
  • Rafael Nadal is a sports legend, but against all expectation he doesn’t love placing sport bets. What he loves is playing poker, which is why he has been a representative for many popular casino providers from all around the world.
  • Neymar, Jr. Here’s one more sports star that prefers playing poker rather than betting on sport events. Neymar has been very active in gambling through the internet and that’s not a secret to anybody as he shares his passion in the social networks on a regular basis.
  • Vicky Coren Mitchell. One of the most popular female writers of the last decade is a great poker lover, who claims to love live tournaments and video poker more than many typical lady hobbies like gossiping, shopping, cooking or anything like this. Well, by all means, we believe her remembering that these days the poker mania among women has become bigger and bigger.

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