Which is the best betting system for Bitcoin Dice

As long as you are learning or perfecting the game of Bitcoin dice, you will have to internalize the winning betting systems and weed out the things that could damage your chances of winning. While these strategies look complex when you are starting out, practice lets you master these strategies, and with time, you will know them by heart.

However, before we get there, there are dice rules you should be aware of before running to the strategies. These include:

  • Adjust your winning chance and also determine how much money you will bet. The games with a high chance of winning have the lowest potential payout while the tough games with low chances of winning have the highest payout rates. So, where would you like to put your money?
  • How do you want to roll the dice? Will you roll the dice above or below the number (chance) designated by the chosen chance?
  • Now that you have the variables under control, it’s time to hit the Roll button.

So now, you understand how to play. However, which strategies should you know to win?

Bet Selection

This is the main component of any betting strategy you could employ in Bitcoin dice.

Under the bet selection, you select a number, and then you bet on whether you will roll the dice over or under the selected number. Here, you are deciding the probability of your bet winning. For instance, betting that you will roll over 66.66 is similar to betting that you will roll under 33.33 and both numbers have a 33.33 percent winning chance.

Common numbers and probabilities to consider include 25, 33.33. 50, 66.66, and 75. Note that the house edge is always 1 percent.

Using your patterns in the previous rolls

The easiest way of choosing your selections involves determining your patterns from the past rolls then betting on those patterns to break. This is because the past random events do not have any bearing on your future random events. The fun in the game stems from the fact that numbers are random and the said patterns cannot go on indefinitely.

Staking plans

After bet selection comes the staking plan needed in making your plan work. The staking plan matters because all dice bets have an expected value of -1 percent. And, the simplest staking plan involves betting the same amount, and if you do that long enough, your results will be in line with the house edge.

Common staking plan includes Martingale (increasing your bets during your losing streak so that if you win a bet, your profits cover all your previous losses from the losing streak. This gives you a profit of the original amount you were betting) and the Inverse Martingale (increasing the size of your bet on a winning streak and not on the losing streak).


This is the last strategy for your staking plans. You could program your staking plans in sites with auto-betting features allowing bots to do the calculations for you.

Note that you should learn these strategies well and also use them only if the strategy works for you. Pick a strategy depending on whether you are a high-risk taker or if you are risk-averse.

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