Tips for Playing Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is a variation of five card draw poker that is popular at many casinos and weekly home games. Caribbean Poker bends the rules of traditional poker, making it a fun game to play. While Caribbean Poker is more of a fun game then a strategic poker game like Texas Hold ‘Em you can still employ several techniques to help you get the upper hand on your opponents and win more rounds.

Tips for Playing Caribbean Poker

Know Your Hand Limits

In Caribbean Poker, players are only allowed to play one hand per round throughout the game. This can limit your winning options. Develop a strategy that allows you to maximize the potential of the one hand you are given. Also, be sure to play this hand extremely carefully remember your limits.

Play the Progressive Jackpot

Most games of Caribbean Poker come with a progressive jackpot that is run on the side of the actual poker game. With this pot, players add to the pool every time they opt to play the progressive pot. The pot will increase as the game goes on until one player eventually wins the pot. It is a good idea to buy in to the progressive pot if the pot is already high and you intend to stick with it until the pot is won. If you only bet in to the progressive pot occasionally you are practically wasting that extra bet if you do not win the pot on that hand. Either bet in every time, or do not bet in at all.

Pay Attention to the Dealer’s Showing Card

In Caribbean Poker the dealer is required to leave one of his or her cards face up on the poker table. This card can help you determine what kind of hand your dealer has. Remember that the dealer must be holding a king or an ace in his or her hand to win the game or the round is considered a draw. If you see a king or an ace on the table, you can be certain the round will not go to a draw.

Play Any Hand with a Pair or More

In Caribbean Poker you are only given one set of five cards with no chance for a redraw. This can tempt some players in to folding often, but if you have a high pair or better it may be worth it to stay in the game. Since there is no opportunity to discard, other players hands are just as unlikely to rank very high and you may be able to beat the table with a pair of nines, for example.

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