10 Facts you should know about slots

about slots

Did you know these amazing and curious Slot Online facts? On mandatory read this information about your favorite gambling game!

Slot Online machines are very common these days. But don’t get us wrong, as a matter of fact, slots in general have been always popular. Slots are very old gambling tools we all think to know in details. But is this the entire truth? Or maybe, there are things we haven’t known or heard about the slots.

Find out now! Check out 10 interesting facts you should definitely be aware of regarding the slots:

  1. 97% of the casinos in the USA have slot machines. Yes, there are still casinos in the States that don’t offer any slot machines. Hence, it’s good for you to know that we have never heard of these casinos.
  2. In 1973 a player got as a prize from a slot machine over 65 thousands of USD and later, held the record for the biggest payout until 2001, when a player received as a prize from a slot more than 1 million of USD.
  3. The biggest slot machine was known as Big Bertha. This 2.5-meter tool was so enormous that people could not pull the actual lever and it had to be powered by a five horsepower engine.
  4. Slot machines are believed to be invented at first not for gambling, but in the beginning they were parts of a scientific project.
  5. The % payout is not influenced by the time of day, day of the week, or number of players. It’s based on the company’s policy and all the punters’ performance on a certain Slot Online machine.
  6. The very first slot machine appeared in the world in the end of the 19th century. It was 1891st year when Sittman and Pitt placed the first gambling slot in New York.
  7. In the internet, they say slot machines offer bigger prizes. To be more specific, the most enormous slot jackpot that has ever been taken was given to Jon Heywood from England. She got the slot win from a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot in October 2015. The man won more than 13 million of GBP.
  8. Today, slot machines are not just business unities for the gambling companies. As a matter of fact, there’s a big competition between the companies who are out of the gambling industry, but have slot machines. The truth is that even you can buy a slot machine right now. Of course, you need to win a big slot jackpot at first to afford such an investment.
  9. Through the years slot machines have gotten different names. There was a long period when gamblers call them poker machine. On the other side, due to the domination of the fruit slot types in past slot machines were also called fruity machines.
  10. Slot machines offer multiple reels. As a matter of fact, traditional slots were at first created of actual metal reels. They were supposed to be moved in order to get a combination of the symbol. As technology progressed the developers kept the name of the reels in the tech slots, too.

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