How important is dealing with your emotions if you are a poker player?

emotions if you are a poker player

Here are the best practices to act smartly, but not emotionally at poker club88. Find out why emotions can worsen your poker game.

At one hand, we believe that online poker can be a good hobby to relax with after work. But on the other hand, we are confident about the statement that when there’s anger and bad mood, poker is not ok to be practices. The balance is crucial and the boarder is thin. In all cases, dealing with emotions is a top priority for many poker pros in the world. Some of them even admit for not being able to reach perfection about it.

Ok, why does dealing with emotions is so significant in poker anyway? No one has ever explained it clearly, but we will try with a couple of simple examples:

  • Emotions blur our mind. And those who experience truly hard (they might be positive, but hence strong) emotions reduce the ability to think clearly with up to 30%.
  • And in poker, staying focused and concentrated is a top agenda task, isn’t it?
  • Emotions are enemies to the good decisions. When making a decision, what’s the most common practice? Of course, it’s the objective evaluation of the pros and cons in an action, right?
  • And in poker, the core of the good strategy is simply to make a good decision every time it’s your turn to act.
  • Emotions are the opposite of objective evaluation of the situation. No matter what kind of an emotion gets over the scientific approach into realizing something, it will change the perspective.
  • And in poker, situations change all the time replacing with each other to test how durable you are in a stressful situation.

Indeed, dealing with emotions is crucial for poker players. But does anybody know the right formula to deal with them? How easy it is to get used to be tight, aggressive and focused in a game at poker club88 to get the pot and become the next winner? There are a couple of practices you can try as a start:

  • If you feel miserable, there’s an 89% possibility for you not to be able to suppress it. In this case, it’s better not to play poker at all.
  • When you are extremely happy, it’s simpler to deal with the emotions. Try to take a deep breath. Meditate, if you want to. Count up to 100 and then enter your login credentials in your poker website testing your fingers whether they are still shaking.
  • Learn the basic of the psychological rule to take the emotions aside in the left part of your brain. It’s very simple. Do a contrary exercise to feeling in order to reduce the power of the emotion. For instance, try with some mental mathematic job or read some extra hard to be understood scientific material.
  • Do your financial job in your account balance. When it’s about money, we start thinking clearly, right? So before sit at a poker table, consider the buy-ins you can afford today.

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