What slot games to play in 2021?

slot games to play in 2021

Check out the best slot games to play in Dolar777. See what slot machines to try in the New Year and to start it with a bigger sum of money in your digital casino account balance.

In the 2020 year we had definitely enough time to investigate the different casino games in the internet. Due to the pandemic situation and the increased time of staying home, as well as thanks to 24/7 working websites such as Dolar777, where gambling was not in a quarantine at all, all customers were blessed to play new games.

In the 2021st year the situation will probably not change at all. A lot of people are forced to remain at home. And even if in your country the lockdown is not set yet, the human’s personal responsibility requires from every one of us to limit the walks at the outdoors staying safe at home.

So probably you are right now excited to hear what games we will play this year. Of course, it is for sure that the biggest casino lovers will keep opening the slot sections. The best part of these sections in the common internet casinos is that they get updates on a regular basis.

Most of the casino software developers focus on the slots when it comes to offering more new titles. And we are about to tell you what slot games to play this year. Please, have our suggestions below:

  1. Slots with progressive jackpots. They used to say not to play these games because they are tougher to be won. However, if you are more attracted by casino offers with higher possible profits, then, you should definitely opt for a progressive slot machine. The good news is that now when we will have more leisure time at home it will be easier to win such a game. The secret to win a game with a progressive jackpot is playing longer time.
  2. Newly released slots by the biggest leaders in the sphere of casino software development. You can check out their news regarding what’s coming next. What we can recommend you, though, is a big list with the best names in the industry. Don’t hesitate to try the latest slot machines provided by companies such as Microgaming, Blueprint, Red Tiger Gaming, iBetSoft and of course, NetEnt.
  3. Slots with adventure and Vikings-topic. These slots will be probably the biggest names in the nearest future. We have observed their breakthrough in the previous two years and it seems that soon the big slot high rollers will mainly prefer these games. It’s not that fruit slot machines or luxury slot games are bad. Not at all. It’s just the biggest RTP rates and the best in-house slot bonuses will be mainly implemented in these genres – Viking-related and adventure slots.

What about you? What kind of a slot game or a whole slot genre you will focus on this year? Don’t hesitate to share with us!

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